Canoe Sprint Timing

jRaceman Event Management Software

To improve the accuracy of sprint timing and the management of sprint race meetings, I setup and configured an open source canoe sprint timing application – jRaceman. It is a very powerful application that can run in a networked environment. We typically had 3 PCs running:

I managed the overall event, did the progressions from heats to semi-finals to finals and printed lane draws and results. The two other PCs were used to capture results – sometimes we had multiple races running.

SprintTimer iPhone Application

We used a timing application for iPhone that is accurate to within a 100th of a second – a huge improvement from the manual stopwatch method previously used. We had two iPhones, with telephoto lenses on tripods. We also had an HD Sony video camera and large screen monitor as a backup.

Results of the events timed

SA Sprints 2013 – Roodeplaat Dam

Gauteng Canoe Union Sprints 2015 – Roodeplaat Dam

SA Sprints 2015 – Roodeplaat Dam

SA Sprints 2015 – A Few Sample Photo Finishes

SprintTimer;36.64;120;2.000;1440;1;K1 final 200 U18 Boys;